Be the first to spend a night in this apartment made entirely of Legos.

By Talia Avakian
November 02, 2017

Lego fans now have the chance to spend a night at the Lego House in a custom-made apartment decorated entirely with the toy bricks.

Airbnb is hosting the contest, which will invite one family into the newly opened attraction at the birthplace of Lego, in Billund, Denmark. (See more about the Lego House in the video above.)

The new two-bedroom apartment is a Lego paradise, with a 20-foot-tall Lego waterfall, Lego furniture, a “pet” Lego cat, and more.

The Lego apartment has two bedrooms and a living room — with Lego armchairs.
Courtesy of Airbnb
That Lego cat almost looks real.
Courtesy of Airbnb

To enter to win, hopeful Lego fans must describe what they would build if their family had an infinite supply of Legos. The winners will get the chance to create their answer with one of Lego's “Master Builders,” Jamie Berard, during the stay. If the 25 million Lego bricks in the space aren't enough to make the winners' building dreams come true, there is also a Lego molding machine in the lobby to make more.

“The uniqueness of the opportunity to stay in the home of the LEGO brick should hopefully inspire everyone,” Berard said in a statement. “That’s how I feel when I come here.”

Berard will meet the winners when they arrive, and take them to lunch where they’ll be able to create what they’d like to eat out of Lego bricks. After the creations are transformed into edible food (by chefs who must be very artistic), robot waiters will return with the meals.

This Lego masterpiece might be a little less huggable than the traditional teddy bear.
Courtesy of Airbnb
Mmmm, Lego coffee.
Courtesy of Airbnb

After lunch, the winners will have private access to all of the Lego House’s attractions, including the Masterpiece Gallery, with whimsical creations from people around the world, and a massive Lego tree made of more than 6 million bricks.

Adults may, at this point, have a valid concern: Lego injuries caused by errant toy bricks. But Lego already thought of that: There will be Lego-proof slippers provided for the stay.

Enter by November 16 for a chance to win.