Dubai Is Opening the World's Tallest Observation Wheel

The wheel soars more than 820 feet in the air.

When Dubai does anything, you know it's going to be the biggest, fastest, or most luxe version in the world. And next month, in true Dubai style, the city will debut the largest and tallest observation wheel in the world.

Set to open Oct. 21, the Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel will soar to more than 820 feet (250 meters) off the ground, offering views of the Dubai Marina, glittering skyline, and Bluewaters Island.

But, of course, this isn't like a normal Ferris Wheel experience. VIP passengers will have the opportunity to dine in their own personal cabin or book a private bartender to whip up drinks while the wheel spins.

A trip around the wheel will last approximately 38 minutes and is available to book either day or night. While waiting to board the Ain Dubai, passengers can watch a large LED screen mounted to the wheel for city highlights.

The Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel during the day
Courtesy of Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

Ain Dubai means "Dubai Eye" in Arabic — but it goes much higher than other "eyes" around the world. The wheel will reach nearly twice the height of the London Eye and each leg of the wheel is more than 400 feet long (longer than 15 London buses). The wheel will be capable of carrying up to 1,750 passengers at a time in its 48 separate cabins.

The wheel will offer a variety of different cabins, all air-conditioned against the Dubai heat. Passengers can choose between observation cabins or social cabins (with a bar inside). And there are even private cabins that can be booked for special events like weddings or birthdays.

The Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel at night
Courtesy of Ain Dubai Ferris Wheel

Tickets are now available to book, starting at $35 (AED 130).

The wheel's opening coincides with Dubai's World Expo, which was delayed last year due to the pandemic. The 2020 World Expo is scheduled to open on Oct. 1 and will run until March 31, 2022.

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