The Acropolis in Athens Has Reopened to Tourists (Video)

The Acropolis is just one landmark reopening in the country.

A major historical site and tourist attraction is welcoming visitors again.

The coronavirus pandemic caused so-called non-essential businesses to close their doors — from bars and restaurants, to museums, to major tourist attractions. Like so many other historical sites around the world, the Acropolis in Athens has been closed since March in accordance with lockdown measures in Greece to fight the virus.

According to Lonely Planet, the Acropolis is now open again to visitors. The archeological site isn’t the only one that’s reopening either. 200 sites are also open again as lockdown orders begin to lift in the country.

The Acropolis welcomed about 1.8 million visitors as of 2018, and over 14.5 million visitors since it first opened to the public in 2009, according to Greek Travel Pages. It is easily one of the most recognizable and popular attractions in Athens.

Woman wearing face mask at the Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Milos Bicanski/Getty Images

Although the site can host up to 2,000 tourists per day, according to Lonely Planet, it will only be open for a limited number of people for the time being. Even though some lockdown measures are beginning to ease, hand-washing, wearing a mask, and practicing safe social distances is still paramount for fighting the spread of the virus.

The site will not allow large groups, and all visitors are encouraged to wear masks, Lonely Planet reported. According to Reuters, visitors should remain 1.5 meters (about five feet) away from other people at all times, in accordance with social distancing recommendations.

Greece has reported comparatively low numbers, with 2,834 total confirmed cases and 163 deaths from coronavirus since the pandemic began, Reuters reported. Greece started reopening on May 4 after its two-month lockdown. Shopping malls, zoos, and some sports facilities are currently open again.

“Greece has won credibility from the way it handled the coronavirus crisis. It is a valuable achievement that will allow us a dynamic opening of the tourism season,” said Culture Minister Lina Mendoni in a statement to Reuters.

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