Zach Hyman
Caroline Hallemann
February 05, 2015

We’ve all accidentally left things behind in hotel rooms—I’m still upset over a cosmetic case I forgot in London a few years back. But have you ever stopped to think about what happens to these neglected personal items after their owners head home?

Photographer Zach Hyman turned the idea of the hotel lost and found into fodder for “Mythologies,” a new art exhibit opened this month at YOTEL New York. Inspired by the collection of items left at the Times Square hotel, Hyman spent six months curating found objects for a show that elevates mundane travel accessories (pill boxes, outlet adapters, empty perfume bottles) to relic status with over-the-top origin stories.

“Mythologies: Artifacts from Lost & Found ” is on display through March 2015 on FOUR at YOTEL New York, but you can see a sampling of the exhibit below. Read on for a few of Hyman’s outrageous stories.

Wheelchair Battery: Found in CABIN 2137
Said to have powered a wheelchair that traveled around the earth in one charge. The battery never took a charge again.

Glass Dragon: Found in Mission Control
This dragon is hundreds of years old and is said to hold magical powers. Upon extensive research and carbon dating, this object was found to contain elements foreign to this planet and unknown to the world’s top scientists and geologists.

Pill Case with Pills: Found in CABIN 1021
This mild heart and blood pressure regimen was left by a former staff member of the FDA. He was one of the chief creators of the recently debunked daily food balance chart.

Caroline Hallemann is an assistant digital editor at Travel + Leisure. You can find her on Twitter at @challemann.

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