Lucy Schaeffer

Golden or green, smooth or spicy. We tasted dozens of extra-virgin oils from around the globe to track down these superior artisanal bottles.

Shane Mitchell
August 11, 2010


Floral and feminine, Alziari is a classic niçoise oil from the Côte d’Azur.; $50.


The Vea family plants organic Arbequiña olives amid almond trees to produce their nutty L’Estornell.; $24.


Picholine olives are handpicked in a century-old grove to make the peppery Les Terroirs de Marrakech.; $26.


Pressed in the Colchagua Valley near Santiago, O-Live & Co. is mild and clean, ideal for grilling.; $17.


The Gulf of Edremit’s golden Ilk El is an unfiltered oil you’ll want to drizzle over sliced tomatoes or use for dipping.; $34.


Sicilian and Tuscan varieties are blended to make the spicy Grove 45, harvested at a Napa Valley estate.; $30.


Coratina olives imbue Antico Frantoio Muraglia Intenso with a cayenne-apricot flavor.; $48.

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