By Erika Owen
Updated: June 15, 2017
Tropical Islands Resort and Waterpark

Defined as the largest uninterrupted indoor space, Tropical Islands Resort in Bradenburg, Germany is the biggest waterpark in the world. While that's notable in its own right, there's another suprising twist in this plot: The entire amusement park exists inside of an old German airfield. The original structure was built in the early 2000s, intended to house a giant airship carrier that was never actually constructed since the company behind the endeavor went bankrupt. The total cost to build the dome was $85,449,390. The massive, empty space grabbed the attention of investors and much to waterpark enthusiasts' delight, a new landmark was born.

The park features tented rooms available to rent overnight, tethered balloon rides that'll take you and five others up into the building's rafters, indoor greenery that's actually alive and growing thanks to the transparent ceiling panels, and more. The video host puts the size to scale perfectly: the entire domed structure is bigger than NASA's vehicle assembly building—he also mentions that you can fit the entire House of Parliament in the park twice with extra room left over. Check out the video for a look at Tropical Islands:

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