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February 24, 2010


The biggest draw is beaches, especially the Baths, with its massive boulders and hidden grottoes. Another high point (literally): 265-acre Gorda Peak National Park, whose 1,350-foot summit offers spectacular views and great hiking trails.ACTIVITIES/SIGHTS

With its clear waters and diverse undersea life, Virgin Gorda is ideal for divers. Landlubbers can engage in star-watching: Kate Moss, Johnny Depp, Naomi Campbell, George Harrison, Queen Elizabeth II, and Eddie Murphy have all visited the island.RESTAURANTS/FOOD

Virgin Gorda's resorts serve some of the finest food in the Caribbean, but venture out to try the full-flavored local specialties (rotis, chutneys). Head for the stalls and restaurants of the Food Bazaar at Little Apple Bay.PEOPLE

Columbus named the island "Fat Virgin" not for the appearance of the natives but because its shape reminded him of a reclining woman. As elsewhere in the Caribbean, residents are known as "belongers."VALUE

Five-star resorts at five-star prices, but you'll get extra perks. Little Dix Bay, for instance, does complimentary "beach drops": you're left at a secluded spot with a picnic lunch, an umbrella, and snorkeling gear, and are picked up later.

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