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February 24, 2010


A full 46 percent of the Seychelles has been declared a national park, nature reserve, or protected area, so flora and fauna thrive. Surprise: There are five times as many giant tortoises living here as in the Galápagos.ACTIVITIES/SIGHTS

Aside from lolling on superb beaches, diving is the name of the game. And hopping from one luxurious property to the next, such as Frégate Island Private, and the new Cousine Island, Lémuria, and Alphonse Island resorts.RESTAURANTS/FOOD

A mix of Indian, Chinese, African, French, and English influences, Seychellois cuisine is defined by curries, coconut sauces, and fish. Staples include breadfruit—eat it and, legend holds, you're destined to return.PEOPLE

The Seychelles' Victoria is the smallest capital city in the world. To get the flavor of local life and culture, visit the studio of Michael Adams, one of the country's most renowned artists. He knows the islands inside out.VALUE

The government requires all hotel bills to be settled in foreign currency. Pay with your credit card to get optimal exchange rates; you'll also save on the commission charged to trade your dollars for rupees.

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