Grab your dress robes and start practicing the steps to the Champions Waltz the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is considering throwing a Yule Ball.  

By Melissa Locker
March 08, 2016
via wikia

For any muggles who don’t remember the formal dance from The Goblet of Fire, the Yule Ball is a gala affair held every Christmas during the Tri-Wizard Tournament. (You can watch a clip from the film here.)

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And according to TravelPulse, Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter might host a Yule Ball of their own this year.

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Citing a report from the Orlando Informer, it appears that the Harry Potter theme park is trying to figure out whether people would sign up for a night of wonder at a Yule Ball themed holiday party in December. No divination classes needed to know that the answer is a resounding yes.

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While the Yule Ball is still in a survey phase, and has yet to be officially announced in any capacity, it does sound like the park has a fully formed patronus …er, plan for the holiday party. The possible description reads: “Yule Ball and Great Dance Hall Dinner – ‘guests wear dress robes and dine/dance at a festive holiday Yule Ball with themed music, dancing, food and beverages' (separately ticketed event)."

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If the Yule Ball does become a reality and not just a vision in the Mirror of Erised, get tickets and a date, soon. You don’t want to end up watching your own Cho Chang or Viktor Crum dance the night away with someone else.

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And if the Wizarding World of Harry Potter doesn’t throw a Yule Ball this year, consider spending Christmas at any of these real life Harry Potter locations instead.