Welcome back to The Friday Download, T+L’s weekly roundup of books, music, and internet culture that promise to carry you through the weekend, whether your itinerary is jam-packed with travel or you’re staying put, staycation style. This week: read up on Champagne, Chilean cabernet, and Chianti, tune in to Green River Ordinance, and more.

By Caroline Hallemann
September 25, 2015
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Wine Folly

Don't know a nice chardonnay from Two-Buck Chuck? Read up on on whites and reds and everything in between in this illustrated—and totally accessible—guide to wine. Colorful charts and infographics outline everything from the fundamentals (basic wine characteristics, how exactly to taste the vino) to flavor profiles of specific varietals, but my favorite pages are the detailed maps of wine regions around the world. Pick up a copy for your favorite budding oenophile, or start the journey to become one yourself. Available on Amazon.com, $13.75.


Green River Ordinance's "Life in the Wind"

After five long days in the office, kick off your weekend with a tune that almost makes your toes tap involuntarily. Premiering exclusively on Travel + Leisure, Green River Ordinance's latest is the perfect song to kick off a road trip or for just dancing around your kitchen. Listen below, then preorder the album on iTunes.com.


What Kids Would Ask the Pope

Earlier today, Pope Francis visited Our Lady Queen of Angels in East Harlem to speak with six lucky third and fourth graders. Before he arrived, education news site The Seventy Four interviewed the lucky students on what they'd ask the pope. In true kids-say-the-darndest-things fashion, their queries range from the sweet and comical to the culinary (several questions centered around ice cream). But the best part of the video is when kids suggest where Pope Francis should go in New York. Watch the full video below, then head here for T+L's full coverage of the papal visit.



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