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Aly Walansky
February 08, 2016

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While you may plan trips to tour historical sites or lounge by the pool, chances are food plays a major role in your travels.

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A new infographic in The Huffington Post reveals that over the past seven years, the amount of travelers choosing destinations based on food rose by 9%, and, in fact, 88.2% of those surveyed said food is a defining aspect of choosing a destination.

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Food has always been an aspect of travel plans, but now it seems to be a deciding factor, with increased interest in food festivals, destination restaurants, and food or wine related tours. “I think it’s definitely risen to the top of the list of factors to consider when picking a destination for a lot of people," says Lee Schrager, Founder of the Food Network & Cooking Channel South Beach Wine & Food Festival. "Dining has become a full sensory experience – you don’t just pick a place for the sake of finding something to eat anymore – it’s about the whole package; the music, lighting, aesthetic, etc."

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Are food tours and events the new Grand Canyon? If so, we need to add a lot more elastic into our travel wardrobe. 

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