We’ve given our website a makeover, complete with a sleek design that breathes life into our stories and photos. And we're just getting started.

By Sarah Firshein
Updated: January 24, 2017
Massimo Vitali

If you've landed on this page, it means you’ve traveled from wherever it is you were—on Facebook, maybe, or reading one of our newsletters—to arrive at a new Travelandleisure.com. Longtime followers of the brand will notice the difference. First-timers: welcome. So glad you’re here.

Today opens an exciting chapter for what Travel + Leisure does digitally. Most obvious, of course, is our site’s new look, complete with large photos and immersive, full-screen slideshows—it’s high time our spectacular imagery takes center stage—elegant fonts, plenty of soothing white space, and friendly flourishes that make hanging out here fun. (That social-share button that pop ups at the end of this article has become something of an obsession among T+L staffers.)

What you’re seeing is more than a facelift. The radical redesign underscores our refreshed commitment to compelling, engaging content. We’ll be publishing more—and more varied—articles, slideshows, and travel news every day. You’ll see photo features and interviews; analyses of travel deals, tips, and trends; coverage of the latest sites, apps, gear, and gadgets; tours of new hotels, vital dining and shopping intel; quirky, personality-driven stories (about, say, a small-town Irish priest-turned-YouTube star); and daily dispatches from savvy correspondents in every corner of the globe. If you’re actively planning a trip, you’ve got a home here. And if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas, and simply to indulge your curiosity about the world—why to visit restaurants helmed by ex-Noma chefs, what Airbnb in Cuba actually means for the American traveler, how to corral nine adults into a Disney World bachelorette party, where to gaze at skies beautiful beyond comprehension—there's a lot here for you, too.

This is an enormous change—the first of many. In the coming months, you can also expect additional features and enhanced functionality, including a full-on overhaul to our destination guides, an eye-popping longform template that will push our reporting and photography further than it’s ever been pushed online, and other groundbreaking digital products.

It’s all for one purpose—to help guide and inspire your next adventure. The road is long, but the journey’s exciting. Won’t you join us?

Sarah Firshein is digital director at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter @sfirshein.

P.S. That photo above? It was taken by the legendary photographer Massimo Vitali on a recent excursion to Puglia, Italy. Read the whole story—which runs in the gorgeously revamped May issue of the magazine—right this way.