Welcome back to The Friday Download, T+L’s weekly roundup of books, music, and internet culture that promise to carry you through the weekend, whether your itinerary is jam-packed with travel or you’re staying put, staycation style. This week: waterproof books, COIN’s debut album, and more.

By Caroline Hallemann
June 19, 2015
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Courtesy of Bibliobath


The only downside to a good book? You can't take it in the water. New Kickstarter Bibliobath hopes to change that by designing tomes with synthetic paper and waterproof bindings. Perfect for a long soak in your hotel bath or a trip to the beach, the first series of works (which are available as pledge rewards) includes a collection of short stories by Mark Twain, selected poetry by W. B. Yeats, Macbeth by Shakespeare, and a special, Kickstarter-exclusive edition of The Art of War, by Sun Zi. Watch the video below for more information, then head to Kickstarter.com to donate.


Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari
Comedian Aziz Ansari takes his standup routine about relationships to the next level with this in-depth look into how technology is changing the way people interact. Download it here, or opt for the audiobook; Ansari serves as narrator. And if you prefer biography to sociology, check out Ansari's Parks and Rec co-star Nick Offerman's latest, Gumption: Relighting the Torch of Freedom with America's Gutsiest Troublemakers.


Upbeat but not saccharine, the debut album from this indie-pop foursome is the perfect prescription for a bout of airport anxiety. Stream the record below. 


Fathom's 24 Best Indie Travel Guides
With the release of Wildsam's Brooklyn edition, we have indie guides on the brain. Fortunately, Fathom pulled together an exhaustive list of the best independent travel books—from the subdued Quiet Travel Guides to the colorful Bonjour City Maps—to keep in your carry-on. See their full round-up here.

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