That's 1,600 miles of walking in four months.

By Erika Owen
Updated: January 24, 2017
The Walking Guys

Four musicians from Nashville are taking on a task that will make your feet ache just hearing about it. The Walking Guys—four indepedent musicians who are coming together for a 1,600-mile, 50-show East Coast tour—is made up of Benjamin Butler, Christopher Kessenich, Will Stevens, and Riley Moore. Plot twist No. 1: they're walking the entire 1,600-mile tour. Plot twist No. 2: the musicians didn't know each other before making their travel plans.

Here's how it all started: Butler began messing around with the idea of a walking tour back in 2013, but the endeavor didn't come to fruition until he posted a message on a random Nashville musician Facebook group in 2015 asking if anyone was interested on going on an "adventurous tour" with him. Kessenich saw the message first and after a quick phone call to the stranger—in which he was first alerted that the trip would be done on foot—he went all in. Stevens was next, quitting his job to join the group. Moore—a friend of Butler's—joined the group last.

Starting in Portland, Maine on July 8th, the quartet will backpack their way from gig to gig and depending on the hospitality of strangers along the way for a bit of rest and relaxation. Three of the musicians are releasing EPs, some solo and others with their respective bands. For those living outside of The Walking Guys' footpath, they'll be releasing a web series highlighting the experience, eventually coming together as a documentary of the entire East Coast tour. The group Kickstarted their way to funding said documentary, as well as an album.

For more information on the tour dates and where you can catch the band, check out The Walking Guys website.

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