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Erika Owen
August 11, 2015

A travel scale-sized device may be giving bulky Segways a run for their money. Japanese inventor Kuniaki Sato designed a method of personal transportation that's powered via USB and can push riders along as fast as six miles per hour for a distance of seven-and-a-half miles. WalkCar won't be available for pre-oder until it launches its Kickstarter campaign in October. Just think: A laptop-sized device you could pull out at a moment's notice for a (not entirely) quick getaway. Sounds like the perfect tool for a movie chase scene. Check it out:

Seems like WalkCar has more functionalty than you'd think. The brand has posted a number of videos highlighting all of the scenarios in which the device could come in handy. My favorite: Go-Kart racing.

For more information and updates on the Kickstarter campaign, head over to the Cocoa Motors website.

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