By Melissa Locker
Updated: January 21, 2017
Getty Images

Looking for a perfect vacation for the space fan in your lifeor at least one that doesn't involve a ticket on Virgin Galactic or putting your stomach through a flight on Zero GHead to Spaceport America

The gateway to space travel (and the place where SpaceX and Virgin Galactic park their spaceships), Spaceport America is located near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, meaning that visiting the future requires a quick trip through the Old West. Luckily, Ted Turner Expeditions has teamed up with Spaceport America to give travelers the chance to explore both worlds.

Check in to one of Turner's New Mexico resorts like the eco-conscious Ladder, Vermejo, or Armendaris ranches, where the deer and the antelope play; or the elegant Sierra Grande Lodge & Spa where the guests do. All the resorts are within easy driving distance of Spaceport America, but if a roadtrip through the rugged beauty of the high desert range sounds too earth-y, guests can opt to land their private aircraft at 9NM9 spaceway 16-34, Spaceport America's two-mile-long spaceway, which is designed to "accommodate all types of space and air vehicles known to humankind." If you haven't earned your astronaut's (or pilot's) license yet, Ted Turner Expedition guides can arrange for helicopter transport, too.

Once on the grounds of Spaceport America's futuristic 18,000-acre campus, guests will trek up Astronaut Walk for exclusive access to the inner workings of the commercial spaceport guided by expert aerospace and site operations crewmembers.