For $35, you and up to five friends can skip the traffic jams and take in some sea air instead.

By Erika Owen
December 04, 2015
Getty Images

UberBOAT has six luxury yachts waiting to take art aficionados in Miami to and from Art Basel this week. The new service is aimed at transporting customers from Miami Beach to the mainland—meaning you get to skip all of that road traffic while taking in some fresh ocean air.

The service—which was launched in partnership with Stella Artois—will only be available for the event through December 5th, running between 2pm and 12am. Hailing an UberBOAT is just like getting a car: If you're in the UberBOAT Zone, a new option will pop up in your app. An Uber driver will pick you up (in a car) and take you and up to five friends to the dock and off you'll be. The total cost (including the car ride to the dock) is $35—not bad for skipping busy roads for a private yacht ride, no matter how short the trip may be. This isn't the first time Uber has hit the high seas—the brand launched a boat service in Istanbul last summer.

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