By Leah Ginsberg / Yahoo
Updated: January 20, 2017
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Here are four things “Trump Force One” (as brilliantly calls it) has that the Donald probably thinks are even better than the real thing.

1. “It’s bigger than Air Force One.”

Or so said Trump to Rolling Stone: Air Force One is “a step down from this in every way. Rolls-Royce engines; seats 43. Didja know it was featured on the Discovery Channel as the world’s most luxurious jetliner?” Not exactly, Donald. In reality, Trump’s 757 is actually smaller than the Commander in Chief’s 747, and it cannot fly as far or as fast. Incidentally, Trump’s plane also wasn’t on Discovery Channel — it was the Smithsonian Channel, according to (Apparently accuracy isn’t important for a potential president.)

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2. Everything’s gold-plated.

After buying the plane from Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen, Trump had the jet outfitted with the expensive, 24-karat detailing on everything from the seatbelt buckles and outlet plates, to Trump’s master bath sink. No such opulence on Air Force One.

3. There’s fancy custom design.

The jet’s custom décor also includes expensive polished woods, silks, and Trump’s coat of arms embroidered on the seats and pillows. (Um, he’s from Queens, N.Y. What’s on it — the 7 subway train symbol?) Mr. President has lots of beige, brown, and grey, and not very impressive wood paneling.

4. There’s a movie theater.

Air force one has conference room, but then so does Trump’s plane. And a big screen, a choice of 1000 movies, and a state of the art sound system is so much more fun.

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Of course, there are a few things that Air Force One has that Trump doesn’t. First, there are technically two Air Force One planes. As mentioned, Obama’s jets seat 76 passengers (to Trump’s 43), can travel 600 miles per hour (to Trump’s 500 mph), and it can refuel mid-air. There’s also a cache of weapons along with a small hospital on board. Plus, the outside of Air Force One is hand polished before each flight. Disappointingly, despite its depiction in the movie Air Force One with Harrison Ford, there are no escape pods onboard. We think Trump should definitely get one of those.

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