Travel + Leisure's 35th Anniversary

Travel + Leisure
May 20, 2009

Travel always transforms us—whether we like it or not—in subtle ways or in permanent ones. It gives us new perspectives, new ideas about ourselves and the world we live in. But sometimes a trip is more than just a trip; sometimes it flirts with transcendence. These are journeys we remember forever. For 35 years, Travel + Leisure has been documenting them for you, and to mark the anniversary we've dispatched our contributing writers and photographers to destinations around the globe, from Italy to Easter Island, from the Galapágos to Dubai, among others. In the stories listed below, we've amassed all the information you'll need to map out a life-changing trip of your own.

Make an Architectural Pilgrimage
Twelve must-see landmarks
See an Endangered Species
Go to where the wild things still are
Ride Through Versailles
Pedaling through Louis XIV's former palace gardens
Get on a Train
Transcontinental travel the old-fashioned way, via Orient Express
Sleep in the Desert
Sandstorms! Scorpions! the heat!! a “luxe” Saharan tent camp..
Climb a Mountain
Reach new heights on Mount Kilmanjaro
Stay in an Overwater Bungalow
Test out the aquatic life, and sleep above the waves
Find Your Roots
Family history drew him to L’viv—Daniel Mendelsohn uncovers a memory-shrouded city.
Become an Expert
Make a journey out of refining an interest—and reap the benefits forever.
Head to the Source
Shops for diamonds in Antwerp, Belgium's design capital
Walk Across a Country
Trek across Iceland (and three other countries, too)
Drive Coast to Coast
Hit the road, from Seattle to Shenandoah
Learn to be a Safari Ranger
In South Africa, enroll in a top training program, and see a different side of the world
Rent Your Own Island
Get away from it all on a very private escape
Go on a Retreat
A skeptic finds his love for yoga, and his inner om
See it by Boat
Four cruises that offer vantage points you can't get on land
Embark on a Spiritual Journey
At an ashram in India, Gini Alhadeff indulges in some disquieting meditations
Scale a Volcano
In Hawaii, you can conquer your fears—and a smoking mountain
Volunteer on the Road
Experience America in a new way—by rebuilding the Gulf Coast

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