By Samantha Shankman
August 24, 2015
Getty Images

Washington State is currently battling the largest wildfires the state has ever seen–and at a particularly inopportune time for travelers. The end of the summer is one of the busiest travel periods in the U.S. throughout the entire year. As families prepare to embark on the great American camping trip, they’ll need to keep track of the fire’s activity and make sure their plans are not impacted.

The Washington fire was last recorded to have spread to more than 400 square miles with approximately 1,250 people fighting it daily. In addition to Washington, however, there are also fires in parts of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington–all of which have received air quality alert warnings due to dense smoke from the National Weather Service.

If you have a trip planned to the northwest, we recommend you check out the Washington Smoke Information website, which shows fire locations and air quality across the West, and the Washington State Department of Transportation website for updates on road closures.

The fires, it's worth noting, have not impacted Seattle, a major entrance into Washington, and one of the most popular places in the state among tourists.

Samantha Shankman is the Consumer News Editor at Travel + Leisure.