The world’s first "modular-tech" travel shoes are customizable and fold flat with new zip system.

Katie Fish
Updated January 21, 2017

You can be that traveler that only packs one pair of shoes (cue collective gasp). Shooz—a company that created “the world’s first modular-tech travel shoe”—has made this a reality with its clever (and stylish) customizable footwear, at a price that won’t break the bank. And after launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money, the shoes are officially in production and ready for pre order. 

Shooz are comprised of two interchangeable parts: a detachable top or “skin,” and a sole. The pieces zip together seamlessly and have a waterproof design to keep out unwanted water or humidity, perfect for those times when weather can be unpredictable. The reason every traveler should add a pair to their holiday wish list: they’re incredibly easy to pack. The top skins lie flat in luggage and only take up the space of a t-shirt, so you can have multiple styles while taking up minimal space. The skins and soles come in varying designs, from an Italian leather brogue to a lace-up runner, meaning you can dress them up or down with a quick zip. 

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