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May 15, 2009

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  • Federal Aviation Administration
    Announcements and the latest information on air travel
  • Air Traffic Control System Command Center
    Real-time airport status from the FAA
  • U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Airline Web Sites
    The majority of airlines are posting the latest flight information on their Web sites including departure times and gates, new travel restrictions and reaccomodation for previously booked flights
  • Reagan Washington National Airport
    Reagan has been closed until further notice. This site will post and any updates when they occur
  • Airline Updates from American Express Travel
    Contact information, carrier updates and policies
  • American Express's Flight Tracker
    Track a flight by airline name and flight number, or by city and arrival/departure times
  • Planning Resources

  • Rules of the Air at
    Information about airfare refunds, cancellations and penalty fees—as well as your rights as a traveler
  • Airport Terminal Maps
    Locate parking lots, terminals, airport services and car-rentals agencies
  • Plane Configurations (from
    Lists first class rows, exit rows amd limited recline rows for airlines' most popular aircraft
  • Domestic Airport Websites (from
  • International Airport Websites (from



  • New travel safety precautions
    Information on the FAA's stepped-up security measures and what you need to know before you travel
  • FAA Frequently Asked Questions page
    Airport security, e-tickets and new FAA regulations
  • FAA safety tips
    What not to pack, carry-on baggage issues, passenger safety
  • Civil Aviation Security Frequently Asked Questions page
    Information on airport security procedures including identification checks, personal screening and searches
  • Planning Resources

  • Airline Web Sites
    Contact the airline in advance to see how much time you should allow for check-in
  • Travel Tips from American Express
    What to expect at the airport
  • When Travel Goes Awry (from
    How to deal with flight delays, diversions and cancellations
  • Safety Information for the Business Traveler (from
    A few precautions and tips to help ensure travel safety
  • Ground Transportation Guide (from
    How to get downtown from major U.S. airports
  • Ground Transportation (from
    Tips and strategies for getting to your hotel without being taken for a ride



  • New York City Visitor Hotline
    1-888-805-4040 or
    Resources for current and future visitors to New York including accommodation information
  • The Official New York City Website
    Emergency information, contact numbers and business resources
  • Planning Resources

  • New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority
    Latest information on subways and buses, bridges, tunnels and railroad lines
  • Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
    Including information on JFK, LaGuardia and Newark airports
  • Hotel availability and special offers (from
  • Attractions/sightseeing/performing arts (from
  • Special events and other announcements (from
  • New York City Benefits
    Vigils and benefits to honor those lost



  • US State Department's Worldwide Caution Notice
  • FAA Foreign Airport Status
    Which airports and airlines have been approved by the FAA to provide service to U. S. airports
  • Planning Resources

  • US State Department
    Travel warnings and information for Americans abroad
  • International Airport Websites (from

    After the September 11 attacks, there was immediate concern about cruise line safety and continuing departures. In the days and weeks that followed, ports have heightened security, ships have altered itineraries, and cruise lines have accomodated passengers booked on voyages affected by the attacks and their aftermath. Some cruise companies are also extending special offers for emergency workers directly involved in the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.The entire cruise industry is still adjusting to new procedures and itineraries, so passengers should call the company with whom they plan to cruise before heading to port. Passengers should also leave plenty of time for security checks at the port.The following is a list of major cruise lines and their current response to the Sept. 11 tragedy. This list will be continually updated.
    - Karen Blackman

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