Take your layover to the next level with these top-rated domestic airport lounges, as voted by T+L readers.

By Travel + Leisure and Travel + Leisure Staff
Updated: February 02, 2017
Virgin Atlantic

Here are a couple things you can count on when traveling for business: crowded flights and stressful meetings. So finding oases of calm in the experience is becoming increasingly important. Enter the airport lounge.

But if you’ve experienced various lounges, you know there’s a wide range of comfort levels—some airlines do lounges better than others. So why not make the experience as good as possible?

That’s why we included a question about domestic airport lounges in the 2014 Best in Business Travel Survey that we conducted with Fortune. We asked readers of both magazines how they travel for business, across a variety of topics. Rating the airlines’ domestic lounges was just one of the topics that our readers had strong opinions on. Here’s how they ranked:

1.) Virgin America
2.) Delta Air Lines
3.) American Airlines
4.) Alaska Airlines
5.) JetBlue Airways
6.) United Airlines
7.) US Airways
8.) Southwest Airlines
9.) AirTran Airways
10.) Frontier Airlines

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