Before you book a flight for work, check this list of the top-rated domestic airlines, as voted by T+L readers in our annual business travel survey.

By Travel + Leisure and Travel + Leisure Staff
August 28, 2014
Virgin America

We’ve all been there: your flight’s been canceled, you’re on hold (and in line) to rebook, and you’re bracing for a customer service nightmare. It’s the last thing you need when you’re on a harried business trip.

But it’s a headache you don’t need to suffer through. Good customer service reps can smooth out your entire flight experience, from booking to baggage claim. So which domestic airlines take care of their customers the best?

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That’s one of questions we posed in the 2014 Best in Business Travel Survey that we conducted with Fortune. We asked readers of both magazines to rate airlines and hotels on five characteristics each. And when it comes to customer service for domestic airlines, here are the winners:

1.) Virgin America
2.) Southwest Airlines
3.) Alaska Airlines
4.) JetBlue Airways
5.) AirTran Airways
6.) Delta Airlines
7.) Frontier Airlines
8.) American Airlines
9.) United Airlines
10.) US Airways

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