By Erika Owen
June 12, 2015
Farrell Grehan

If Teddy Roosevelt were to walk into the newly renovated Sagamore Hill Mansion, he’d feel right at home. The 26th president’s living space—commonly known as “Summer White House” and located in Oyster Bay, New York—is about to open back up to the public after a four-year, $10 million restoration by the National Park Service. But think of this restoration as more of a deep cleaning than anything. The house reportedly holds 12,000 items owned by the late president—10,000 of which are books. All of the items were removed from the home’s 28 rooms, repaired, and replaced exactly where they were originally found. As for the more structural fixes, the roof was replaced, the home’s foundation was repaired, and the electrical system as completely rewired.

William Albert Allard

The 83-acre Sagamore Hill was home to Roosevelt during the summer months. He would bring staff along with him to continue working, but also found a bit of solace through hunting, reading, and writing in his highly curated rooms—the most intriguing being the trophy room, which features elk and buffalo heads, as well as Roosevelt’s rifle and Rough Rider hat.

Sagamore Hill’s official reopening is set for July 12th with daily tours resuming the following day. Head over to the Sagamore Hill’s website.

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