By Erika Owen
Updated: January 24, 2017
Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery

If the Epic Freak Milkshakes from Pâtissez weren't enough for you, Australia has another contender for most insane dessert concoction. The Tella Ball Shake from Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery in Sydney is a task worthy of the most dedicated of sweet tooths: a Nutella-filled doughnut ball nestled on top of a Nutella-flavored shake, anchored with a straw speared through the entire creation.  

The milkshake is a new menu item, making its debut last week. Its inspiration came from a surprisingly simple equation: Two of the restaurant's top-selling desserts mashed into one, sugary monstrosity. Food blog Breakfasts in Sydney posted a shot of the dessert on Instagram, and the rest is history. The shakes are so good, the cafe actually had to close early one day because they couldn't keep up with demand. 

Here are a few photos of the masterpiece to tide you over—you know, in case this massive sweet isn't worth a plane ticket around the world: 

[View the story "Tella Ball Milkshakes" on Storify]

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