Thrill your backseat brigade with one of these cheeky—and occasionally freaky—updates on the classic rearview-mirror pine tree

By Margot Guralnick
February 02, 2017

Nose Plugs Not Included
1. Cat Butt—smells like toilet water!—by Blue Q, $2.99 (
2. Bee Fresh, beware: reminiscent of bathroom deodorizer, by Blue Q, $2.99.
3. Zzeezz the Bed Bug (take our word for it, this one bites), by Accoutrements, three for $4.95 (
4. Skull and crossbones in "Freshly Swabbed Deck" (hello, Pine-Sol!), by Accoutrements, three for $4.95.
5. Van Gogh's Ear—sunflower-scented, natch—by Blue Q, $2.99.
6. Eau de Sunday-morning bacon strips, by Accoutrements, three for $4.95.
7. Tickles the Tapeworm (stinkbug is more like it), by Accoutrements, three for $4.95.
8. Bouquet of bubble gum and Ty-D-Bol "Snifferific," by Russell + Hazel, $3.95 (952/358-3686).