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May 12, 2009
Surviving . . . in Style
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As "Survivor: Marquesas" draws to a close, one question is on everyone's mind: Just where are the Marquesas, anyway?And why would anyone go there?

As it happens, there are many good reasons to go there—every rugged "Survivor" locale has been near a destination of sublime loveliness (and luxury). You didn't expect visiting CBS executives to camp out near packs of wild dingos, did you?You won't need to eat rats or practice your spear-fishing once you've read up on our guides to the Marquesas, the South China Sea, Australia, and Africa.

Fast Talk: Jeff Probst

Who could pay attention to the setting, with so many exciting—and, frankly, startling (think Kathy, John, and the sea urchin)—things going on?Yet the Marquesas and the rest of French Polynesia are home to some of the most beautiful and romantic sites on the planet.

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Africa, Australia, and the South China Sea have even more hotels, destinations, and cruises to send you into a fire-walking frenzy—or at least relax you until you forget how to cook rice.

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