By Valerie Stivers-Isakova
May 15, 2009

Travelers Rebecca West, Henry Morton Stanley, and Anne Morrow Lindbergh all made do with bulky notebooks to record their now famous journeys. Today's wanderers can choose from a world of journals that are compact not only in size but also in price.

WHAT: Travel from Wireworks.
THE LOOK: Thick blank pages designed for the free-flowing scribbler; extra binding for heavy use.
THE DETAILS: $30; at Flight 001, New York, 212/691-1001.

WHAT: Abroad: A Travel Organizer + Journal from Chronicle Books.
THE LOOK: Mod rubber cover, with tips, checklists, and space for your thoughts.
THE DETAILS: $17.95; 800/722-6657.

WHAT: Travel Journal from Sukie.
THE LOOK: Rough paper; envelopes for ticket stubs and memorabilia.
THE DETAILS: $20; at Auto, New York, 212/229-2292; or

WHAT: Eiffel Tower Journal from Cavallini & Co.
THE LOOK: Creamy, heavyweight lined paper from Italy.
THE DETAILS: $10.95; at Paper Skyscraper, Charlotte, N.C., 704/333-7130.

WHAT: See the USA Travel Journal from Chronicle Books.THE LOOK: Pages festooned with illustrations of Dick-and-Jane types zooming around in a 1950's convertible.
THE DETAILS: $9.95; 800/722-6657.