By Jacqueline Gifford
Updated: January 24, 2017
Courtesy of St. Regis

Hotel brands have gotten savvy to the fact that partnering with a beauty brand, on everything from a specific scent piped into the lobby to a custom line of amenities for the bath, makes for a happy traveler. (Especially this traveler, who is prone to pilfering a heavenly smelling soap.) And we love it even more when extra attention and detail goes into the craftsmanship.

Which is why we’re stoked for the new collaboration between St. Regis Hotels & Resorts and Arquiste, the niche fragrance brand founded by architect-turned-fragrance expert Carlos Huber. A passionate researcher and historian, Huber is known for creating unisex perfumes that evoke a place and even a particular time period. Aleksandr recreates a wintry forest day in St. Petersburg, 1837, by using woody notes of fir, Russian leather, and neroli; the Architects Club takes you back to a 1930s London smoking room, filled with gents knocking back martinis, with its notes of amber, pepperwood, bitter orange, and lemon peel oil.

For his custom scent for St. Regis, Huber researched the flowers that Caroline Astor, the matriarch of the hotel brand’s founding family, had displayed at her famous 400 ball, held in 1900. Caroline’s Four Hundred, which will be available in a candle this summer, has notes of American beauty roses, apple blossoms, green stems, and white lilies, along with crisp champagne. Room spray will also be available for purchase later this year, but for now, you can stroll into any of the hotels for a whiff.

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