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Melissa Locker
August 11, 2015

Passengers on a recent Southwest Airlines flight may have worried they were headed to the wrong destination when the words “highway to the danger zone” started playing over the P.A.

A passenger on the flight from Houston recorded a crewmember having a little fun with the take-off music by playing Kenny Loggins’ classic song “Danger Zone” during lift-off. The song is best known as part of the soundtrack for the 1980s action flick Top Gun, in which Tom Cruise played a Navy fighter pilot known for his rebellious streak.

While the music blared, the flight attendant—who seemed to have his own rebellious streak—gave a shout-out to the pilot to “relive those old Navy days” (during which he undoubtedly emulated Maverick and Goose’s aviator glasses, love of the Righteous Brothers, and serious flying skills).

Passengers giggled as the cabin crew sang along. Some of them may have stopped laughing, however, when the flight attendant suggested the captain take a page out of Maverick’s flight manual and do a barrel roll in the plane. Luckily, the captain ignored the suggestion.

Travelers on other flights have been similarly appreciative when flight staff helped them relax, like when this woman busted loose to Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk,” or when this flight attendant performed an acoustic version of Lorde’s “Royals.”  It’s nice to see flight staff go the extra mile to help passengers enjoy their trip—whether they’re heading to Dallas or straight to the Danger Zone.

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