By Erika Owen
July 02, 2015
Solar Impulse | Revillard |
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Pilot Andre Borschberg has been flying around the world on a solar-powered plane since March 9th. While the trip is notable for many reasons, the most recent milestone has to be its record-breaking leg which left from Nagoya, Japan last Monday and is heading to Kalaeloa, Hawaii. The plane passed Midway Island on a three-day, 3,420-mile journey that marked the around-the-world journey's 76th hour of flight time. The breaks the previous world record for the longest non-stop solo trip without refueling.

The previous record was for Pilot Steve Fosset's 26,000-mile voyage around the worl in a jet-powered GlobalFlyer. For daily updates on the flight, check out the Solar Impulse website, which includes an awesome livestream of the plane's various trips.

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