By Tom Samiljan
Updated: January 20, 2017
Danny Kim

With a couple of key accessories (shown here with the iPhone 5S), you can turn your camera into a bona fide powerhouse.

Sony Smartphone Attachable Lens-Style Camera (DSC-QX100)

What it is A DSLR-quality Carl Zeiss lens that clips on to the body of your phone.

How it works Download the app, connect via Wi-Fi or NFC, and your phone’s screen becomes the viewfinder for this powerful camera.

Compatible with Android phones, iPhone. $450.

Olloclip 4-in-1 Photo Lens

What it is Four lenses—a fish-eye, wide-angle, and two macro lenses—each as small as a nickel that twist on and off a tiny mount.

How it works Slide it onto your phone and you’re good to go.

Compatible with iPhone. $70.

Motrr Galileo

What it is A rotating dock that lets you take panoramas, video, or time-lapse images.

How it works Connect with Bluetooth, mount your phone in various poses, and shoot through your favorite third-party photo app. Our favorites? Sphere, for capturing 360 degrees in a single frame, and TimeLapse, for long exposures.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad. $150.

Joby Grip Tight Gorilla Pod Stand

What it is An adjustable tripod.

How it works Bend its twisty legs to attach your phone to tree branches or bike handlebars, or rest it on a flat surface.

Compatible with Android phones, iPhone, Windows phones. $30.


What it is This little orb acts as a remote shutter­—perfect for selfies.

How it works Just install the app (free for Android and iOS) and pair via Bluetooth.

Compatible with Android phones, iPhone. $25.

iBlazr Flash

What it is Four superbright LED’s that help you shoot in low light and reduce red-eye in photos.

How it works Plug it in to your headphone jack and turn it on.

Compatible with Android phones, iPhone. $55.

Download This...

Three new editing apps we can’t stop using.

Waterlogue After you upload your mobile snaps, this app will turn them into painterly masterpieces. $2.99, iPhone.

Litely Select from nine subtle, cinema-inspired filters­, or buy a series of destination-themed add-ons. Our favorite: Venice, which casts a warm glow onto images. Free, iPhone.

Vhoto Get the best stills from your film clips—it’s great for capturing action shots or fast-moving kids. Free, iPhone.

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