By Tom Austin
August 03, 2015
Robert Figueroa

Fort Lauderdale is an American capitol of LGBT culture, and the local theater company Island City Stage is concerned with addressing the aesthetic needs of both the LGBT and heterosexual communities of the city. Once a year, Island City Stage joins forces with Miami’s City Theatre for the comedic blast of Shorts Gone Wild, a festival of LGBT-themed short plays.

Shorts Gone Wild3, running from August 6 to September 6 at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale, entails six actors, eight playwrights, and four directors, combining talents for eight provocative and funny ten-minute plays. After the Fort Lauderdale run, Shorts Gone Wild3 sets up camp at the Fillmore in Miami Beach from September 10 through 13.

Michael McKeever is one of the more prominent playwrights involved: McKeever’s “Lion in a Bear Bar,” concerned with a “Cowardly Lion” and his troubles with a philandering boyfriend, was a big hit last year and returns this season. Shorts Gone Wild3 will cover all manner of humorous terrain, and once again, the festival will serve as an antidote to the serious August doldrums.

Tom Austin is based in Miami and covers the Florida beat for Travel + Leisure. Follow him on Twitter at @TomAustin

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