See foliage for $19.99—much cheaper than a plane ticket.

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Updated: January 24, 2017
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If you’re a New Englander who’s left the homeland, you may find yourself hopelessly pining for foliage fireworks this fall. You don’t have to have a leaf-shaped hole in your heart, however, because now a company will ship leaves right to your door.

For just $19.99, will send you a few leaves harvested from the colorful forest floors of Vermont and New Hampshire. “Each leaf is carefully picked and color balanced in a bundle of three,” the website reads.

It’s gimmicky, of course, but maybe not quite as much as you’d think. According to the website, the leaves aren’t just snaked from the backyard and stuffed in an envelope; they “undergo a unique preservation process” that ensures “your leaves will last for years to come.”

The autumnal isn’t the first attempt on spreading the (literal) season’s cheer; it has a wintery counterpart called (surprise!)

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