The palace hotel will offer monthly '100% Green Evenings' featuring a gourmet, vegetable-focused menu.

By Erika Owen
June 23, 2015

Starting Thursday, July 9th, Shangri-La, Paris is offering a special "100% Green Evening" series featuring a local, vegetable-focused menu. This special will run the first Thursday of each month at the hotel's French restaurant, La Bauhinia. All menus are curated by La Bauhinia's Executive Chef Christophe Moret, who grew up as the grandson of a market gardener. Each meal will feature one of the hotel's market purveyors to share insight on the five-course meal. 

Need some convincing? Here are some of the curations Chef Moret has in mind: spring rolls made from watermelon stuffed with soup herbs, kasha and green vegetables en cocotte with almond milk, tofu ravioli, strawberries scented with sangria, anc coconut and lime sorbet, just to name a few.

The flavors don't stop on the plate. The event's drink menu promises the same attention to detail with a green twist. All wines have been produced through biodynamic agriculture—meaning a a spirutial, holistic understanding of agricultural processes has been taken into account for each step of the fermentation—all coffee and tea has been distributed through fair trade; and the cocktails contain an energy boost with a shot of cucumber, kale, celery, and/or ginger juice.


In addition to the mouthwatering menus, there will also be special rendez-vous allowing an opportunity for Shangri-La, Paris' suppliers to meet and mingle directly with the diners. Visitors will have the chance to learn about the hotel's growers' processes firsthand through various lectures and demos.

The five-course menu is prices at $75.95 for each person (which doesn't include drinks). The series will run each month through December. For more information on how to book your reservation, head to the La Bauhania website.

Erika Owen is the Audience Engagement Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @erikaraeowen.

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