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New York City wears most weather well—sunshine in the summer months, a blanket of snow around Christmas. Things get a little trickier during a downpour. The key to being a hardy city slicker? Location, location, location. Here, T+L editors offer their best tips for weathering the rain—and actually having fun while they’re at it.

Ellie Nan Storck
October 02, 2015

Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg is the perfect spot for a rainy day—mostly because you don’t have to face the weather from inside the pitch black theater. The cinema offers tableside service during the features, which means you can sip rosé while watching. Tip: Each movie ticket will get you a drink discount at the adjoining Lo-Res bar on the first floor, which happens to have an incredibly cozy set-up with an A+ soundtrack.Erika Owen, audience engagement editor

New Yorkers are obsessed with delivery, even if most great restaurants don't offer door-to-door service. That's changing, though, thanks to a new app called Caviar. It brings the best dishes from buzzy restaurants (Nightingale 9, Four & Twenty Blackbirds, Frankies Spuntino 457, to name a few) straight to your couch. What more could you ask for on a rainy day?Nikki Ekstein, associate editor

As a throwback to the years of rainy-day recess, I love playing games while it’s pouring. In New York, it’s worth hitting up Fat Cat in the West Village, where one can drink beer while playing ping pong, shuffle puck, Scrabble, or pool. And they have live jazz.Amy Schellenbaum, digital editor

There’s no better way to spend a rainy day than curled up with a good book. If I’m without a read and the storm’s rolling in, I’ll head to The Strand bookstore in Union Square. They stock everything from the latest mass-market paperbacks to rare, signed first editions.Caroline Hallemann, associate digital editor

It’s not wildly original, but I still say for a truly rainy day, MoMA is a great option—the trick is to not only see the art but also catch a film in one of the theaters (get your tickets in advance). When you want a break and some sustenance, you’re steps from the Modern for a great meal, or the Baccarat Hotel across the street for cocktails.Nathan Lump, editor

Chelsea Market is my savior on rainy days. It's completely indoors, and there's unlimited entertainment, between the Artists & Flea market, the bookstore, and the home goods shops. The great food is also a given—I'm partial to oysters at Cull & Pistol, rotisserie chicken from Dickson's Farmstand, and all of the great cocktails at the Tippler.Stephanie Wu, senior editor

When the city is wet and blustery, I head to Camp, in Brooklyn. It’s like escaping to a mountain lodge: they have a clutch of classic board games (Scrabble and Jenga are the best) and a wood-burning fireplace. Plus you can craft s’mores around a personal flame over a butcher-block table.—Melanie Lieberman, assistant digital editor

The key to enjoying thunderstorms in New York City (aside from binge-watching Shonda Rhimes shows, of course) is letting proximity to public transit guide the way. We live one block from multiple subway lines in Brooklyn, and if it’s raining—and if we do, indeed, feel like venturing out—I tend to select bars and restaurants immediately on the other end of the ride. The Jake Walk in Carroll Gardens comes to mind—not only is it a block from the train, but it's a fantastic, super-cozy little wine bar where you’d be hard-pressed to not hole up for hours. Or l’Apicio, in the East Village, is right off the 2nd Avenue F stop—the pastas are as impressive as the service.Sarah Firshein, digital director

Fall is my favorite time of year in NY; the weather is cool enough to walk around and enjoy the parks without getting too hot, leaves are changing and everyone collectively seems excited to have broken out their scarves and booties. But when a rainy day throws a kink in those weekend plans, one of my go-tos is grabbing tea with friends. And no, I’m not talking about grabbing a cup from Starbucks. New York City has so many great spots for afternoon tea— delicious brews, finger sandwiches, scrumptious scones and a glass or two of champagne may find its way into the mix. My favorite spot is the Ritz Carlton Central Park—their Chai Tea is amazing—or for those who want more of a whimsical afternoon, Alice’s Tea Cup is a great pick.—Lindsey Campbell, associate engagement editor

On rainy days in New York, I love to go to either Eataly or Chelsea Market—it’s a great escape from the downpour and fun to walk around all the different vendors.—Katie Fish, fashion assistant

There’s something awesome about being in a covered beer garden when it’s pouring, so you’re conscious of the elements outside but sheltered in a cocoon of merriment with your fellow revelers. Radegast in Williamsburg and Berg’n in Crown Heights come to mind.Jesse Ashlock, features director

Seek shelter in the company of strong female leads at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Snatch up a coveted last ticket for a matinee of Antigone, starring Juliette Binoche in a slick, modernist version of the Sophocles play. Then hop across Fulton street to catch a big-screen showing of Desperately Seeking Susan, the Madonna-Rosanna cult favorite.Jeffries Blackerby, executive editor

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