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Erika Owen
July 27, 2015

Whether you're a fan of The Notebook or not, it's easy to say Rachel McAdams is pretty great at a lot of things. In a move that will make some of you feel a little better about how you stack up next to the star, the actress admitted that she's a terrible NYC tour guide. She tells the whole story on the Jimmy Fallon Show, but here's a quick run-down: Way back when, McAdams used to be a tour guide, and she was asked to cover New York—a place she had never been to—when the original guide fell sick. With two days to prepare, binders of information to explore, and 35 seventh and eighth grade kids on a bus to entertain, a single quote from McAdams sums up the experience pretty well: "I think that's Met stadium over there?" 

It's safe to say she'd do a much better job now. Check out the full video:

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