By Erika Owen
Updated: January 24, 2017
Courtesy of Four Seasons

It wasn't the stunning architecture that pulled Jersey politician Steve Pallett to Budapest last weekend. In fact, he wasn't looking to visit the country because of its beautiful sites or World Heritage Site status. The Assistant Manager for Sport was on his way to Bucharest—face palm—to give a speech at the World Dance Tour, but ended up almost 500 miles away due to flight confusion.

The politician may not have been the one to blame for the initial ticketing confusion. According to a write-up on Mashable, the ticket was booked by someone inside the Educations, Sport, and Culture department. "I'd like to think it's an easy mistake to make by somebody originally when this was booked," he said in a statement to Today Programme. "But you're right, it should never have happened. I don't think anyone could say Bucharest sounds like Budapest."

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