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The annual photo festival is back and in full swing.

Andrew Ferren
July 09, 2015

The summer sun isn’t the only shade of yellow radiating in the streets of Madrid this season. As they have each June and July for the past 18 years, little yellow signs designating the exhibitions taking part in Photo España start to appear above the city’s museum entrances, gallery doorways, bookshops, bars—and even the stray fashion boutique.  

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By this point in July, the bulk of the exhibitions and programs are open and underway. One could easily spend a day—or part of several days—meandering through the city from venue to venue. This year’s festival features more than 50 exhibitions, as well as photo competitions and workshops. It’s theme is Latin America, featuring exhibitions by Ana Casas Broda, Chema Madoz, Enrique Meneses and more, and runs through August 30, when those little yellow signs will disappear again until next summer. 

Andrew Ferren is on the Spain beat for Travel + Leisure. He lives in Madrid.

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