Paris’s annual Les Heures Heureuses, a happy hour event celebrating the city’s food scene, is on through the end of the week.

By Alexandra Marshall
Updated: January 24, 2017
Jean-Baptiste Gurliat/Mairie de Paris

Parisians have a small window to celebrate summer: skies are gray for three-fourths of the year, and kids are in school until July. So they pack in the summer celebrations—La Fete de la Musique just wrapped up, and this week, there’s the gratifyingly snack-focused “Les Heures Heureuses,” which translates to “Happy Hours.” This annual celebration features more than 400 participating restaurants citywide, all offering $2.25 small bites between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m., starting tonight and ending this Friday.

To take part, grab a “passport” at the Hotel de Ville, any of the city halls from the 8th to the 17th arrondissements, or any of the participating restaurants—including some of the best in town—on the website. (There’s also an app to help steer you along your parcours.)  

Present your passport at any of these restaurants, and you’ll be directed to their snack of the evening—which could be anything from mini-burgers at Cantine California, walnut and fresh thyme pesto tartines at La Buvette, kushiage-breaded shrimp skewers at Peco Peco (47 Rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle; +33 1 53 16 19 84) or hand-cut veal tartare with fresh peas, cilantro, and bottarga at Les Enfants Perdues.

Alexandra Marshall is a contributing editor and the Paris correspondent at Travel & Leisure. Food, design, architecture and fashion are her specialties, which means, living in Paris, that she is very busy. You can follow her on Twitter at @alexmabroad and on Instagram @alexandra3465.

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