By Amy Schellenbaum
Updated: January 24, 2017
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On Jan. 23, 2015, the world mourned the announced bankruptcy of an American icon, seminal retail periodical SkyMall. "How will we purchase our Serenity Cat Pods?" the world cried. "Where we will find the giant fake rocks of our dreams? The motorized unicycles? The Darth Vader toasters?!"

Shortly thereafter came a glimmer of hope: Scott Jordan, the CEO of ScotteVest (those garments with all of the crazy pockets), was "in negotiations" to buy SkyMall, with the intent of reviving it. Now more details have surfaced: firstly, the new Skymall will be a publication that will, according to Travel Pulse, "sell products that travelers actually would want to purchase." Think more noise-cancelling headphones and deluxe travel pillows and less, well, mildly terrifying lawn ornaments. The hope is that in-flight purchases will be delivered to the customer's hotel room by the next day.

What's more, Jordan is teaming up with the former editor in chief of PC Magazine Jim Louderback, and has big plans to add actual editorial to the catalog's pages—particularly in conjunction with tech offerings.

Jordan hopes to relaunch the magazine this summer, though it's unclear how reasonable that goal is, given that he has yet to sign any formal buyout agreement. And then, of course, he's got to answer a very important question: Is a Skymall without hotdog leashes or head-massaging helmets really Skymall at all? 

Amy Schellenbaum is the Digital Editor of Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @acsbaum.