By Nikki Ekstein
August 24, 2015


This affordable micro-hotel—debuting with 325 rooms in New York this winter—will have space-efficient features like flip-down desks and flexible pegboard closets.


Hilton’s four-star chain will focus on the neighborhood experience—think microbrew tastings and access to trendy fitness studios—in cities like Reykjavík, London, and San Diego.


Former Viceroy execs are putting sleek hotels in new tech hubs (downtown L.A., San Francisco’s Mid-Market), with food by big-name chefs and partnerships with local start-ups.


These “urban inns” are heading to Miami, Montreal, and beyond, with mini-bars fit for a mixologist and works by young American artists.


This upscale entry by Langham pulls back on the formalities (no butlers, less marble) for family-friendly stays in Asia and the U.S.