By Caroline Hallemann
May 05, 2015
Courtesy of Wendy MacNaughton and Brain Pickings

After watching today’s Google Doodle, we did a little digging into journalist Nellie Bly’s historic trip around the world. Not only did she outpace Jules Verne’s fictional 80-day journey, she did so wielding a single suitcase and wearing just one dress for the entire expedition.

Talk about packing light: everything she brought with her (pens, paper, traveling caps, extra underwear) fit inside a 16-inch-by-7-inch leather bag (for those keeping track, that’s smaller than a modern-day carry-on). Her one luxury? A small container of cold cream. 

To celebrate the trailblazer, artist Wendy MacNaughton, illustrated the now-iconic packing list, with proceeds of the print benefitting the Women’s Media Center in honor of Bly and her pioneering work as an investigative reporter.

For more information, head over to Brain Pickings.

Courtesy of Wendy MacNaughton and Brain Pickings

Caroline Hallemann is the associate digital editor at Travel + Leisure. You can find her on Twitter at @challemann.