By Erika Owen
July 15, 2015
© Kazuyoshi Nomachi/Corbis

Last night, Snapchat marked the month of Ramadan with a 300-second "story" showcasing a prayer session at Mecca—a city in Saudi Arabia that thousands of Muslims flock to during religious pilgrimmages. According to TIME, the #Mecca_Live hashtag received over one million mentions once people took to Twitter to discuss the social media event.

The story pulled together photos and video footage from Snapchat users strung together in one feed, making for lively commentary from all around the world. We've pulled together a few tweets that caught our eye:

[View the story "Snapchat's Glimpse Into a Prayer Session at Mecca" on Storify]

For more breathtaking photos and comments on the Snapchat coverage, head on over to Twitter.

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