Any French fry fan worth their salt knows that fries are much more than just a side dish. 

By Melissa Locker
January 24, 2017
Courtesy of Come Fry With Me

London’s forthcoming, all-French fry restaurant, Come Fry With Me, is a can’t-miss destination for friends of the fry.

Restaurants focused on elevating the humble French fry from fast food to first class status aren’t an entirely new concept. Floriday is home to the French Fry Heaven chain, while New York’s Pommes Frites has been dishing out fries for decades.

But at Come Fry With Me, fries are served with a twist, pushing the lowly potato to sky-high heights thanks to its airplane themed design.

Interiors have a Virgin Atlantic-via-Idlewild feel, and the restaurant is staffed by crewmembers who will never ask you to put away your tray table. No, they simply want to know which sauce you want with your fries—and there are plenty of options.

Traditionalists will enjoy rosemary and garlic fries, or frites topped with truffle and Parmesan. Meanwhile, adventurous eaters will eat their way through offerings such as pesto chicken, steak and Stilton, Cajun-spiced, Greek with feta and a squeeze of lemon: even a vegetable fajita variety that sounds very much like a fried fiesta we’d like to join.

You won’t need to deplane for dessert, either, as the menu features plenty of sweet options like sweet potato fries with cinnamon, peanut butter, vanilla, and chocolate dips.

Come Fry With Me won’t open it’s Covent Garden brick-and-mortar location until November, but their mobile food truck will be headed to Oxford’s Foodies Festival from August 29 to the 31st.

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