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The takeaway: Don't climb the ruins and try to take off your pants.

Erika Owen
January 08, 2016

Looks like Justin Bieber is putting in an early bid for "Worst Tourist of 2016." On a recent trip to Tulum, he brought along an entire crew (including new beau Hailey Baldwin) to check out the ancient walled city. Because we all would like to know what a Justin Bieber Squad looks like while entering a 13th-century Mayan city, here's a video of the group making quite an entrance: 

According to New York Magazine, Bieber and his entourage were toting beer bottles and slinging profanities at the site's security guard—the group was looking for a party in the wrong place. The visit took a turn for the worse when Bieber starting climbing the ruins and reportedly attemping to drop his pants for a particularly racy shot. Luckily, the only image that made it to the singer's Instagram is a much more suitable-for-work photo of Bieber straight-chilling in a stairwell.

According to local press, the group was asked to leave after disobeying all of the important rules that come along with visiting an ancient Mayan site (don't climb the 13th-century ruins, keep your clothes on, be respectful). File this under "Exactly How Not to Act at a Sacred Landmark."

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