Photo: Scott Faulkner

from Dublin
actress Blair Brown

Travel + Leisure
June 10, 2009

I went to Dublin with my son for a week's vacation after I'd been in Copenhagen — not the city, but the play — for six months. This photo was taken at a pub in the Temple Bar area. It was a painless shoot because the Guinness just kept flowing, but by the end I felt like some deeply depressed Irish writer. WEB SIGHTS: I hopped on the Internet, found a site for a Dublin hotel called Harrington Hall, and e-mailed them to request a particular room. When we got there, the first room they took us to was dingy and dungeon-like. I said, "This wasn't exactly what I saw on the site." And they said "Oh, that one!" and then they showed us into this glorious room. FAMILY TIES: I never thought I was Irish, but years ago my son had an assignment to trace the family's matriarchal line. There were all these Scotsmen and Welshmen and Englishmen — anything but Irish — but, lo and behold, they all married Brigits and Siobhans. BEST SOUVENIR: I picked up some rare whiskey, a special blend called Midleton, at the Jameson distillery. It's in a little box that smells divine, like those rooms where the whiskey is aged. The Midleton is sitting here for these long New York winters.
—Interviewed by David Murphy

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