Sarah Boisjoli
Lindsey Olander
July 02, 2015

Nothing screams "summertime" quite like a fruity, ice-cold slushie. Throw in a bit of red, white, and blue, and you're ready to party in the U.S.A. This weekend, just in time for Independence Day, owner Anthory Serignese of Joe's Bar on Manhattan's Upper West Side debuts the Rocket Pop Cocktail—his adult version of that patriotic ice cream truck favorite. "I wanted to capture the nostalgia of a fun 70's-themed memory everyone could connect to," says Serignese. "What's more fun than a rocket pop!" Happy Birthday, America. Here's now to make it at home:

The Rocket Pop Cocktail

     • 3 parts gin (we recommend Hendricks)

     • 2 parts fresh lemon juice

     • 1 part simple syrup

     • 3 cups crushed or pellet ice

     • Raspberry Purée

     • Blue Curaçao

     • Fresh raspberries

Using a blender, combine the gin, lemon juice, and simple syrup with three cups of crushed (or pellet) ice. Blend thoroughly. In the bottom of your favorite retro rocks glass, add 1 1/2 to 2 ounces of Raspberry Purée. (Tip: The more purée you add, the sweeter your cocktail.) Gently pour the slushie mix over the purée until the glass is nearly full. Add a splash (or two) of Blue Curaçao, and garnish with fresh raspberries.


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