Our pores are sending out the welcome wagon.

By Kelly Bryant / MIMI
Updated: January 24, 2017
Courtesy of NNNY

There are always those products that globe-trotting makeup artists and models rave about with the caveat that they aren't yet available in the United States. So when a well-loved line makes its way across the ocean, it's a reason to celebrate. Meet NNNY, a Japanese skin care collection that is finally available here.

Adored by models and celebs who first discovered the line in Tokyo's Yuko Nishio Natural Sage Aromatherapy Salon where it was originally exclusively sold, NNNY enjoyed a warm welcome Stateside at the LA EigaFest, a film fest presented by the Japan Film Society. The products are fragrance free, colorant free and paraben free and features cutting edge nano-natural anti-aging skin treatment technology.

Founded by esthetician Yuko Nishi, NNNY lays claim to five signature products – their Gentle Camellia Facial Soap, Nano Mist, Nano Whiteen Cream Ex, Massage Cream Facial Mask and Body Firming Gel.

The NNNY Skin Care Series ranges from $60 - $295 and is available now at nnnyskincare.com.

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